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INN Troubleshooting by Topic: news.daily/expire

(INN 2.x) Usenet RKT INN 2.x Troubleshooting by Topic: Article Storage/Overview/Expire
5.13 INN FAQ news.daily reports: "Expire had problems removing articles"
5.33 INN FAQ news.daily: Can't open a/b/.LCK.overview, No such file or directory
7.42 INN FAQ news.daily complains about unknown entries from syslog
7.5 INN FAQ Expire had problems and won't run again after fixing the problem
7.6 INN FAQ Expire says "Group not matched (removed?) -- Using default ..."
7.7 INN FAQ Expire reports 'Can't replace history files, Cross-device link'
7.41 INN FAQ Expire does no longer work
7.46 INN FAQ What does 'Reserved Expiring process xxx' mean?
4.18 INN FAQ Other cron jobs.

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