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INN FAQ Part 5

INN FAQ Table Of Contents for Part 5/9

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The INN FAQ was written by Heiko W. Rupp, the previous maintainers (Tom Limoncelli and Rich Salz,) et al. An appropriate copyright announcement appears at the bottom of each page in the Usenet RKT. I am very grateful for their permission to incorporate the results of their hard work!

Release Notes: In keeping with the RKT design guidelines, the INN FAQ has been split up into over 200 separate files for inclusion in the RKT. (You can find pointers to the plain text versions of the FAQs in INN FAQ Where can I get the latest copy of this FAQ?) But remember you can only get the FAQ links organized by topic and RKT couplings (additions, corrections, links to the FAQ entries) right here at mibsoftware.com.

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Archive-name: usenet/software/inn-faq/part5
Last Changed: $Date: 1997/09/16 01:25:56 $ $Revision: 2.25 $


5.1 INN FAQ ld.so: Undefined symbol: _dbzwritethrough
5.2 INN FAQ Bad file number writing history file -- throttling
5.3 INN FAQ log file fills with "<site> <article-id> 436 No space"
5.4 INN FAQ Why does my innd often die with the message "Can't sync history..."
5.5 INN FAQ Reply from ctlinnd: Can't send XXX command (sendto failure)
5.6 INN FAQ syslog msg: ME cant sendto CCreader bytes 4 No such file or directory
5.7 INN FAQ syslog: cant symlink
5.8 INN FAQ syslog: cant read Connection reset by peer
5.9 INN FAQ inews says "bad message-id"
5.10 INN FAQ Why do all these "readclose" messages show up in my syslog?
5.11 INN FAQ "File exists writing symlinking article file -- throttling"
5.12 INN FAQ "cant fopen <newsgroup>/.thread No such file or directory"
5.13 INN FAQ news.daily reports: "Expire had problems removing articles"
5.14 INN FAQ syslog: nnrpd[22560]: ? cant gethostbyaddr Permission denied
5.15 INN FAQ syslog: ME cant nonblock 15 Operation not supported
5.16 INN FAQ innd: ME cant renumber ... lo too wide
5.17 INN FAQ innd: ME cant update_active control
5.18 INN FAQ syslog message: innxmit[1234]: max connect failed Error 0
5.19 INN FAQ Can't open "/usr/local/news/shlock955", Permission denied
5.20 INN FAQ INND: PID file exists -- unclean shutdown!
5.21 INN FAQ cant fopen /usr/lib/news/distributions
5.22 INN FAQ cant fopen /usr/lib/news/distrib.pats
5.23 INN FAQ ME cant exec in /usr/lib/news/capture No such file or directory
5.24 INN FAQ ME cant remalloc xx bytes Cannot allocate memory
5.25 INN FAQ innxmit says: Ignoring line "news/group/name/art_num art_id"
5.26 INN FAQ innxmit says; Can't connect to news.foo.bar Permission denied
5.27 INN FAQ innd: s (s might be replace by other letters) (in syslog )
5.28 INN FAQ innd: site: closed 5:closed seconds 12 accepted 3 rejected 4 refused 5
5.29 INN FAQ syslog: nnrpd[13]: '' bad_auth
5.30 INN FAQ Not a directory writing article file -- throttling
5.31 INN FAQ syslog: nntpd[13]: cant open ...../subscriptions ...
5.32 INN FAQ syslog: nntpd[13]: post ok ^A
5.33 INN FAQ news.daily: Can't open a/b/.LCK.overview, No such file or directory
5.34 INN FAQ syslog: innd: site buffered
5.35 INN FAQ syslog: innd: cant bind RCreader Permission denied



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