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INN FAQ Part 5

Subject: (5.18) syslog message: innxmit[1234]: max connect failed Error 0

John Line <jml4@cus.cam.ac.uk> writes:

If you get syslog messages like
innxmit[1234]: max connect failed Error 0
when using nntpsend, it probably means you messed up a line in
nntpsend.ctl (specifically, missed out one of the first two fields).
While nntpsend.ctl is an obvious place to look for an nntpsend problem,
there is nothing obvious to link the error message directly to the
problem, because the text "max" is actually something invented by
nntpsend when processing the file, and doesn't exist in nntpsend.ctl.
It means the next-to-last field was null, but was the second field when
it should have been the third!

NB Remember to try inncheck when you have problems like this. I only
just thought of it, after finding the problem the hard way, and it
immediately reported "nntpsend.ctl:18: malformed line."


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