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INN FAQ Part 5

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Subject: (5.34) syslog: innd: site buffered

I run INN 1.5 and see the following in syslog - what does it mean?

| Jan  9 03:10:02 cactus innd: news.foo.bar.com buffered

It means either your newsfeeds file has too many entries to handle in
the normal way, or you've run out of file descriptors. This isn't
fatal, but a warning message.


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INN likes lots of file descriptors. One for each incoming connection (many incoming feeds open more than one connection), one for each newsfeed entry (unless funnel), some log files, data files etc. Exceeding 64 open file descriptors is very common with just 3 or 4 incoming feeds. Exceeding 256 for a "news transport" machine with lots of incoming and outgoing feeds is not unheard of.

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