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INN FAQ Part 6

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Subject: (6.24) Use more than ~100 Feeds on SunOS 4.1 ?

SunOS 4.1 normally has a limit of 256 file descriptors per process. But
unfortunately there is a bug in stdio (the use of a _signed_ char ) which
lets one only use 128 file descriptors.
One way would be to use an exploder feed (like bufchan).
The other is:
There is a stdio replacement called sfio which you can get from
Just compile it as indicated in the package. After that, you must tweak
config.data a bit to use sfio:

DEFS            -I../include -I/usr/local/include/sfio
CC              gcc
CFLAGS          $(DEFS) -O2
LDFLAGS         (empty)
LIBS            -L/usr/local/lib/sfio -lsfio
VAR_STYLE       STDARGS (important! sfio doesn't like varargs if compiled ANSI)
EXITVAL         volatile void
_EXITVAL        volatile void

Just recompile inn then and go for it.

If you even need more than 256 descriptors, then you can use SunDBE (the
Sun Databese Excelerator) which raises the limit from 256 to 1024.
Thanks to Christopher Davis <ckd@loiosh.kei.com> for this tip.


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