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Known Problems: SunOS
     If you use NIS (formerly Yellow Pages) on SunOS, you will  need  to
add  a  "domainname"  entry to your inn.conf file if your hosts do not
contain fully-qualified domain names.  The most common symptom  of  this
is  that  inews  will  fail  because  it  cannot  generate a Message-ID.
Another problem with NIS is that reverse name lookups do not return  the
fully-qualified  domain  name.   If  you  know  that  none of your local
clients have a period  in  their  name,  you  can  use  a  pattern  like
"*[^.]*" in your nnrp.access file.

     SunOS4.1.1 has a bug where write(2) can  return  EINTR.   The  most
common symptom is the following fatal error message from innd:

     Can't sync history, interrupted system call

This is Sun bug 1052649.  It is fixed in patch 100293-01.  According  to
the  release  manual,  it  is  also fixed in all releases of SunOS since

     If you have NOFILE_LIMIT set you should know that the standard  I/O
library  in  SunOS4.x  has  trouble with more than 127 descriptors.  The
most common symptom is the following fatal error message from innd:

     can't fopen /usr/local/news/history, invalid argument

This occurs after doing a  ctlinnd  "reload"  command.   For  a  work-
around,  reboot  your  server  instead of trying to "reload."  Another
symptom is that innd will exit if you do  a  ctlinnd  "flush"  command
while  the server is paused or throttled.  This is Sun bug 1045141.  Sun
does not plan to fix it for any 4.x release.

     One site has reported the same error message happens after doing  a
sequence  of "throttle" and "go" commands.  It does not appear to be
related to the bug mentioned above, although the symptom  is  the  same.
If  you replace the body of INN's xfopena routine with the following, it
will work:

     return fopen(p, "a+");

This is in the file lib/xfopena.c.

     If you use Sun's unbundled compiler, acc, you must make sure to use
the unbundled assembler, too.  You might also get lots of "left operand
must be modifiable lvalue" errors.  Setting USE_CHAR_CONST to  "DONT"
will help.

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