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INN FAQ Part 5

Subject: (5.6) syslog msg: ME cant sendto CCreader bytes 4 No such file or directory

(Rich Salz replies:) It usually means that some ctlinnd command timed
out and gave up before innd could get around to replying. Always a
problem with datagrams. :-) Usually not a problem in real life
however. In INN1.3, the timeout stuff is handled better so most of
these should go away.

You can ignore the messages, but if it bothers you, edit news.daily and
find this line:

ctlinnd -s -t`wc -l <${ACTIVE}` renumber '' 2>&1

You can rewrite it to be something like this:

COUNT=`wc -l <${ACTIVE}`
ctlinnd -s -t`expr ${COUNT} \* 5` renumber '' 2>&1


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