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INN FAQ Part 5

Subject: (5.7) syslog: cant symlink

This usually means an intermediate directory doesn't exist. Usually
"ctlinnd renumber" clears this problem, but doesn't remove the cause.

This is usually an indication of some larger problem. Often it means
that you have opted to use MMAP on an operating system (like Ultrix)
that doesn't have a working mmap() function. However, this would only
be the cause if you ignored the Install.ms *and* part 2 of this FAQ.
So, obviously, this isn't the cause :-).

Another cause might be that "ctlinnd renumber" fails because of fields
in the active being too narrow. See INN FAQ #5.17 for how to deal with this.


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More Detailed Topics
MMAP is mentioned in
FAQ 5.11 INN FAQ "File exists writing symlinking article file -- throttling"

For a discussion of active file field width see:
FAQ 5.17 INN FAQ innd: ME cant update_active control

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