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INN FAQ Part 5

Subject: (5.10) Why do all these "readclose" messages show up in my syslog?

Chris Schmidt <cs@germany.eu.net> says:

The "readclose" message indicates that a remote connection to your
server was not correctly terminated with the server-command "quit".
This can have two reasons. First the line your feed uses to connect to
you might be instable so that the connection drops every now and then.
Solution: either ignore theses messages or find out why the line is
unstable. The second reason for these messages could be a
missconfigured client-program at your feed. This means the program
(e.g nntplink) does close the connection without sending the "quit"
first. If you configure a lower number for the exit-timeout (-e) than
the close-timeout (-C) in nntplink then exactly this will happen.
Solution: ask your feed to fix its nntplink-setup. Let me repeat
that: If you are using "nntplink" your -e value must be higher than
your -C value.


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