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INN FAQ Part 7

NOTE: The maintainers of the INN FAQ stopped publishing in December 1997.
An important update to this topic is provided by Mib Software in the Usenet RKT for Subscribers.

Subject: (7.4) How come my host name comes out twice in the Path line?

The INN server puts its name in the Path line of every article that it
receives. Obviously, it has to do this. The default configuration has
inews put the local host in the Path header. If nobody posts on the
server and you use fully-qualified domain names on your workstations,
then everything works the right way. (If `hostname` doesn't give an
FQDN on your machine, you can work-around this by setting the "domain"
value in inn.conf; remember that innd never re-reads inn.conf. You
must "ctlinnd shutdown x" and then re-start the server). Many people
don't want the client machines to put their name in the Path header.
To do this, set INEWS_PATH to DONT. Finally, let me say that it is
probably a mistake to have a "pathhost" line on any machine other than
your server if you set INEWS_PATH to DO. If you doubt this, please
trace the article flow for yourself. If you are curious about the
effect of INEWS_PATH, read the nroff source -- not the formatted
output -- of doc/inews.1


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