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INN FAQ Part 7

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Subject: (7.16) More about the "to.*" groups

(Thanks to jmalcolm@sura.net (Joseph Malcolm) for supplying
these answers.)

>1) Why did my local INN act on the sendsys posted to to.neighbor?

to.* groups aren't magic to INN. Your system received the message,
it acted on it.

>2) Why did my neighbor send the cmsg to all of his neighbors?

See 3.

>3) Is is related to having the "control" group in our newsgroups patterns?


>   The INN docs say you probably don't want to do this, but they don't say
>   why.

Actually, they do. This is from innd(8):

Sites may explicitly have the ``control'' newsgroup in their
        subscription  list,  although  it is usually best to exclude
        it.  If a control message is posted to a  group  whose  name
        ends  with  the  four characters ``.ctl'' then the suffix is
        stripped off and what is left is used  as  the  group  name.
        For  example,  a cancel message posted to ``news.admin.misc.ctl''
        will be sent to all sites that subscribe to  ``control''  or

There is also a pointer to this in newsfeeds(5).

> But I still need it in my active file, right?



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