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INN FAQ Part 7

NOTE: The maintainers of the INN FAQ stopped publishing in December 1997.
An important update to this topic is provided by Mib Software in the Usenet RKT for Subscribers.

Subject: (7.13) When my feeder connects, I get articles but they don't take what's waiting for them.

I hate to say this, but this really shows that you haven't RTFMed very

News is not automatically bidirectional (it's like SMTP, not UUCP). If
you want to send things out you will have to make sure that you run
send-nntp or nntpsend from cron. nntpsend is easier and elsewhere in
this document there are cookbook examples of what to add every time you
set up a new feed.
James Brister is thinking about adding a 'turn' command to nntp to
initiate turning sender to receiver and vice versa.


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