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INN FAQ Part 7

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Subject: (7.56) I upgraded to INN 1.5.1, and peers have trouble feeding me.

INN 1.5.1 (and some versions of INN 1.4unoff) support streaming NNTP
(see INN FAQ #6.25). Jerry Aguirre (who authored the streaming support)
has this to say about streaming NNTP:

> One of the fallouts of streaming was that a streaming feed tends to hog
> the resources. (I consider it a feature but ...) Basically streaming
> is more efficient so it is going to send more articles and thus consume
> greater resources. The scheduling algorithm of INN's server aggravates
> this so that the non-streaming connections suffer. There is code in INN
> 1.5.1 to limit the work a streaming channel will do on a single pass.
> It helps but perhaps not enough. More advanced methods have been
> discussed but require greater changes to the code. (Jerry Aguirre, May
> 9 1997)

If you upgraded to INN 1.5.1 from a version of INN which didn't support
streaming NNTP (e.g., INN 1.4sec), and have streaming support enabled,
incoming feeds which are configured to attempt streaming mode by default
will now be streaming articles to you. The incoming feeds which are not
capable of streaming will get less and less of INN's attention
(depending on how many incoming streamers are connected at the same
time). Thus, the incoming feeds which can't stream will see a
performance degradation, and may develop appreciable backlogs for you.

There are several things which can be done. If the non-streamers switch
to an outgoing feed program which supports streaming NNTP, then they
will be able to get more of INN's attention. Current versions of
innxmit and innfeed (see INN FAQ #4.21) support streaming NNTP. Another
possibility is to disable streaming NNTP for incoming connections, which
can be done in the hosts.nntp file (see the man page for hosts.nntp for
more information).

A third possibility is to apply the following patch by Alan Barrett:


This patch attempts to limit the amount of work INN does for each
channel at one time. Several sites have experienced success with it,
but at this point, it is not an official patch.


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