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INN FAQ Part 7

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Subject: (7.29) My active is not updated frequently enough

This is on hp9000/350 with MMAP enabled, but could surely also be used
with other configurations:

>the active file does not seem to flushed to disk frequently enough.
>So that when I use nn to access the newserver through nntp it does
>not see the new articles posted until a few (up to 5) hours later.

First of all check the value of ICD_SYNC_COUNT in config.data.

froh@devnull.franken.de (Frohwalt Egerer) writes:

In the source look for the place where INN would write the active file
back to disk if MMAP was turned off. At that place I added a 'msync()'
to the 'MMAP' branch to make it work on my university's HPs.


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INN 1.5.1 includes a MMAP_SYNC option to support the behavior described. config.dist Section 6
(ICD_SYNC_COUNT is also in Section 6)

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