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INN FAQ Part 7

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Subject: (7.6) Expire says "Group not matched (removed?) -- Using default ..."

Expire says:
Group not matched (removed?) alt.techno-shamanism -- Using default expiration
Group not matched (removed?) misc.computers.forsale -- Using default expiration
Group not matched (removed?) de.rec.sf.startrek -- Using default expiration


That just means that you've removed those newsgroups groups and expire
is slowly removing articles from the spool as they expire. Eventually
the articles will all have been deleted and so will these messages.

Here's a neat trick to make deleted groups go away at the next expire
instead of hanging around waiting for their articles to expire in a
timely manner. Using this combination of lines at the *start* of
will cause groups which are neither moderated nor unmoderated to be
discarded - the only such groups are deleted ones. Thanks to
Ian Phillipps <idickins@fore.com> for this tip!


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