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INN FAQ Part 7

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Subject: (7.28) What are these "xforte" or "xindex" commands that appear in my logs?

Q: I see "xforte" commands in syslog as unknown commands - where do they
come from?

Version 0.55 of Forte Free Agent uses this to make it so a news
server will not timeout even if the user is idle. It appears to
happen once per minute when the user is idle.

After Version 0.55 Forte uses the help command as the anti-idle
command. So if you are just annoyed by the messages in syslog, encourage
your users to upgrade to a newer version. In versions 1.0 and 0.99+
this feature can be turned off.

These anti-idle commands are a very bad behaviour, as the news reader does
not disconnect, but occupies resources.

Pine seems to do this behaviour via 'NOOP'.

Xindex,Xuser,spooldir and xmotd come from tin. It is documented in the
sources that these commands don't work with inn. You can disable them via
-DDONT_HAVE_NNTP_EXTS (tin 1.2) -- look in the INSTALL document. In tin1.3
they are disabled by default.


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