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INN FAQ Part 7

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Subject: (7.43) Innd writes to syslog: DEBUG ERROR SITEspool: trashed

Dave Barr: This is apparently due to the innd.spool patch. As far as I
can tell the message is "mostly harmless". I have tracked it down as
far as WCHANflush() getting called with the handle of a channel (which
is a socket), except as the comment to the function says it's only
supposed to be used on file channels.


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The spool.patch is part of 1.5.1 and later already.

This happens when overchan (or other channel) can't keep up. Channels are not supposed to backlog. The error is not exactly harmless, since it means that some data was lost. If it was just overchan data, nnrpd won't mind. If it was other channel data then you could have other problems. For example, it it were crosspost then you will have missing articles from some newsgroups.

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