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INN FAQ Part 4

INN FAQ Table Of Contents for Part 4/9

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The INN FAQ was written by Heiko W. Rupp, the previous maintainers (Tom Limoncelli and Rich Salz,) et al. An appropriate copyright announcement appears at the bottom of each page in the Usenet RKT. I am very grateful for their permission to incorporate the results of their hard work!

Release Notes: In keeping with the RKT design guidelines, the INN FAQ has been split up into over 200 separate files for inclusion in the RKT. (You can find pointers to the plain text versions of the FAQs in INN FAQ Where can I get the latest copy of this FAQ?) But remember you can only get the FAQ links organized by topic and RKT couplings (additions, corrections, links to the FAQ entries) right here at mibsoftware.com.

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Part 4: Read this AFTER you've read and followed the directions in Install.ms. This includes a tutorial on debugging posting/access problems.

4.1 INN FAQ Should I read the Install.ms file in its entirety before reading this document?
4.2 INN FAQ Terminology used in the rest of this document.
4.3 INN FAQ How does it all fit together?
4.4 INN FAQ What should I monitor as I debug INN problems?
4.5 INN FAQ My innd won't start!
4.6 INN FAQ Connecting to a TCP/IP server.
4.7 INN FAQ Make sure that "feeders" can connect.
4.8 INN FAQ Make sure that "readers" can connect.
4.9 INN FAQ Make sure that clients can post.
4.10 INN FAQ "client" doesn't have the software needed to post.
4.11 INN FAQ Introduction to the "newsfeeds" file
4.12 INN FAQ The ME line in the newsfeeds file.
4.13 INN FAQ How does the "ME" line interact with the other lines?
4.14 INN FAQ Cookbook example of an outgoing NNTP feed.
4.15 INN FAQ Cookbook example of an outgoing UUCP feed.
4.16 INN FAQ Cookbook example of an outgoing UUCP-over-TCP feed.
4.17 INN FAQ Testing an outgoing feed (your "newsfeeds" configuration).
4.18 INN FAQ Other cron jobs.
4.19 INN FAQ Cookbook example of setting up NOV ("overchan").
4.20 INN FAQ How do I use nntplink with INN?
4.21 INN FAQ How do I use innfeed with INN ?
4.22 INN FAQ How do I gate news to mail and/or mail to news?
4.23 INN FAQ Should I distribute control messages?

(or, What do I do after Install.ms?)


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