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INN FAQ Part 4

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Subject: (4.15) Cookbook example of an outgoing UUCP feed:

Example: A site named "plts" that can not get the "clari" newsgroups
or distribution "warren".

Add the following to the newsfeeds file:


Add the following to the cron tab (as user "news"):

0 0-5,16-23 * * 1-5       /usr/lib/news/bin/sendbatch -c plts >/dev/null 2>&1

NOTE: I know that "plts" is unique and won't conflict with
some other site named "plts" because it is registered
in the UUCP Maps (see comp.mail.maps).

If your feeder is sending you netnews via UUCP (which is usually the
case, since it isn't useful to just feed articles and not receive any)
you must configure your UUCP to allow the remote system to execute
rnews. Your UUCP documentation should tell you how to set up a UUCP
connection and how to change the allowed commands. That means that
uucico will execute /bin/rnews on every incoming batch. INN comes with
a perfectly serviceable "rnews" program that can handle all the standard
batched and compressed news formats. The INN rnews will uncompress and
unbatch as necessary and then pass each article to innd for
processing. (Thanks to Jerry Aguirre <jerry@roma.ATC.Olivetti.Com> for
this paragraph)


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