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INN FAQ Part 6

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Subject: (6.20) INN on one machine, UUCP modem on a different one

Say you have a machine named "newsy" and "modemhead". "newsy" runs INN
but only "modemhead" has any modems.

A quick overview: config.data has a variable called "RNEWSLOCALCONNECT".
If it is set to "DO", "rnews" will expect to be running on the same
machine as "innd". On the other hand, if "RNEWSLOCALCONNECT" is set to
"DONT" then "rnews" will connect to the machine listed in "inn.conf".
Sending batches is a little more complicated.

Receiving batches on modemhead: Make sure config.data has
"RNEWSLOCALCONNECT" set to "DONT", recompile, and copy /bin/rnews and
/usr/lib/news/inn.conf to modemhead. The unbatching will be done on
modemhead, but the articles will be sent to newsy. It will work like
magic. When /bin/rnews runs, it will open an NNTP connection to newsy
and feed the batch (one article at a time) to newsy... newsy thinks
it's just getting a regular NNTP feed. (which means modemhead has to
be listed in hosts.nntp). If newsy and modemhead are different platforms
(i.e. Ultrix vs. SunOS) you can use the MakeRnews script (mentioned
in Install.ms) to generate just rnews for the modemhead machine.

Sending batches via modemhead: The "sendbatch" program calls $(UUX).
Change ${UUX} to be something like "rsh modemhead uux" instead of "uux".
You'll have to do a little hacking on sendbatch. For example, the part
that checks to see if the queue is full might have to be re-written.
Anyway... now the batches will be generated and send via modemhead's
UUCP system.

Pretty neat, eh?

Other advice:

I set UUX to 'rsh uucphost uux' (note no pipe [|]).
Also, we have no 'uuq' command, but even if we did, it would have
returned bogus info as $SITE is not known to UUCP on newshost.
Thus I created a stupid 'uuq' that does 'echo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0'
to satisfy the awk script. However, we have no way to monitor
queue length (though its of little importance to us as we only have
3 feeds and they are partial)

Finally, the /etc/passwd entry for 'news' on 'uucphost' MUST list /bin/sh;
/bin/csh results in 'rnews: event not found' and escaping the '!'
inside sendbatch had no effect.


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