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INN FAQ Part 4

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Subject: (4.10) "client" doesn't have the software needed to post.

If the client doesn't have "inews" at all, copy it from the server (if
they are compatible machines) or check the INN installation manual to
find out how to compile just the client programs for a machine. There
is a special gimmick included with INN to compile inews for the various
other OS's and versions of Unix without having to compile the entire
INN package.

Since nnpost, Pnews, postnews, and all other news posting software
shouldn't do anything but ask for header information, let you add a
body, and then pipe the whole thing to "inews -h", you can be pretty
certain that if "inews -h" works, your news posting programs will
work. Think again! Post from each of them and make sure they all get
posted. You might find that they access a copy of "inews" that was
part of C news, mini-inews, or heavens knows what.

I highly recommend that people use "find" or "gnufind" to seek out and
replace all old versions of "inews" with symbolic links to the one

Something like:

gnufind / /usr /usr/local /usr/lib -xdev -follow -name inews\* -print

Then, for every file found, do the following:

mv inews inews.cnews
ln -s /usr/local/bin/inews inews

Now you only have to update /usr/local/bin/inews, rather than
chasing may copies.

"nn" and "nnpost" create a file called "~/.nn/params" right before you
post with tons of useful information. While posting you can shell out
of the editor and view the file. The file is deleted after the message
is posted. I had to view this file while shelled out of my editor to
find which "inews" was being used by "nnpost".

It's also a good idea to check your mail now and then while you are
doing this. Some newsreaders (like "nn" notify you of a posting
problem via mail.

On non-INN systems, "inews" returns pretty quickly. Actually they fork
a process to do the actual posting in the background. When those
"inews" return, you don't know if the post was successful or not.
These "inews"'s have a "-W" option which turns off this forking feature
(i.e. Wait for the post to complete).

INN's "inews" never forks because the wait is never that long. When
"inews" returns you know if the post was successful or not. INN's
"inews" accepts the "-W" option for compatibility.

This may seem obvious, but when posting a test message, consider
including the machine you are posting from and the program you are
using. Even though you may check to see if the message got posted
after every test, this will help you later when you go back to see what
you have done.


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