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INN FAQ Part 4

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Subject: (4.13) How does the "ME" line interact with the other lines?

> I'm still a little confused about the ME line's second field.

The man page as of INN 1.3 is much more clear on this. Basically, the
second field of the "ME" line specifies the default for the rest of the
feeds. Otherwise, it isn't used. The "active" file declares which
newsgroups you accept and don't accept.

Here are some examples:

foo:!junk:...        --send no newsgroups

foo:!junk:...        --send all newsgroups except junk

foo:*,!junk:...      --send all newsgroups except junk

By the way, generally you do not want to send "junk" or "control*" to
your neighbors.

In unoff2 (and later unoffs) the ME line also can be used to reject
articles which have certain sites in their path header.


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