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INN FAQ Part 4

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Subject: (4.1) Should I read the Install.ms file in its entirety before reading this document?

YES! Install.ms tells you how to compile and install the software.
This document walks you through debugging the *configuration* of the
software once it is installed.

This document takes you from where install.ms leaves off, gives you a
quick overview of how all the pieces fit together, and then takes you
through specific debugging tasks.

Debugging INN problems is often difficult because one needs to be an
experienced netnews person to do it well. You can only get experience
by having a properly running system. This is a catch-22. This
tutorial attempts to take you through the basics. The rest you'll
figure out.

Newsgroups you should know exist:
news:news.software.nntp  -- INN questions go here.
news:news.software.b     -- Discussions about any of the many software
	packages that support the "B news" format (i.e. INN, C news,
	ANU-NEWS, etc.)

This document also takes you through the process of verifying that your
system is properly configured. When you are done, you should:

1. be sure that when feeders connect they are treated as feeders.

2. be sure that when clients connect they are treated as clients.

3. be sure that posting works.

4. be sure that your out-bound feeds are properly configured.


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