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I am (or am not) running INN. Can newsrAte sampling be done?

newsrAte is available to any NNTP newsreader server (INN or not) that meets
the newsrAte Server Requirements INN 1.4 or later works fine. Other news packages that
support connections from news clients work fine. (And that is just about everything else.)

There is no special software for you to run, no need to email us inpaths or other data, and no need to check a WWW for results -- they are emailed directly to you.

More Detailed Topics
How is the server accessed?
What exactly is being counted/compared?
Are you gathering/compiling those statistics by hand?!
Server Requirements
We only have a T1. How can we be doing 100%?
I peer with just a small number of other sites. Is this bad?

Overview and Related Topics

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