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We only have a T1. How can we be doing 100%?

>                     -----Daily average arrivals for----
>                      last     last     last       last
>                     1 day    2 days   3 days     7 days
>                     ------   ------   ------     ------
>  38 groups in alt.*, except alt.binaries*
>       Expected:     3555     3389     3279       3314
>         Actual:     3769     3605     3463       3474
>        Percent:     106%     106%     106%       105%
>   5 groups in alt.binaries*
>       Expected:     7399     6965     7035       7268
>         Actual:     1728     1654     1722       1672
>        Percent:      23%      24%      24%        23%
> Ok, here for example its actually showing us at 106% across a 3 day
> average.  Could this be right?  Our hardware config is quite impressive,
> but we have a lowly T1.

In March 1998, depending on how you have your feeds configured, it is very possible to get 100% of everything without binaries and have it fit in a T1. The volume of usenet is constantly growing, so any estimate of what it takes to support it has to change also. But chopping out binaries makes a big difference to the tune of 6-15G per day, depending on the size of binaries you are willing to accept, filtering, etc. You can have some peers who send you everything but the binaries, and others who send just binaries. This prevents the binaries from killing your performance.

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