Mib Software Newsrate Usenet Server Comparisons

The newsrAte RKT

(Rapid Knowledge Transfer for learning about newsrAte)

NewsrAte introduction
How is the server accessed?
What exactly is being counted/compared?
How are the expected values derived?
Why are results reported by heirarchy?
Why doesn't spam make meaningful comparisons impossible?
Doesn't crossposting affect the counts?

newsrAte Setup
I am (or am not) running INN. Can newsrAte sampling be done?
How do I signup?
How do I enable access so that my machine can be sampled?
What if the server is unavailable at the sample time?
Are you gathering/compiling those statistics by hand?!
What other services and reports are available?

Interpreting the reports
What is considered "excellent" or "good" or "poor" performance?
Can you expound a little on how the GPA is derived?
Newsrate Report Format: What does "n/a" mean?
Why is my alt.* or alt.binaries.* performance so much lower?

Newsgroup Sample Set
Can an estimate be made for newsgroups not sampled?
My server has 30,000 newsgroups. You only report 200.
Why sample these 200 newsgroups, and not some other set?
What if some sample newsgroups are not on the server?

Reasons for Variations in Performance
I spam filter like a madman. Won't this throw things off? Probably not much....
We only have a T1. How can we be doing 100%?
I peer with just a small number of other sites. Is this bad? Not really...
What happens if there is a growing or shrinking backlog?
So what if I do poorly in an alt.* newsgroup? No one cares anyway.
How do news articles get "missed?"
Why do some sites decide to not carry binaries or alt.*?

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