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What exactly is being counted/compared?

The datum extracted for each newsgroup is the number of articles accepted since the last sample.

To gather this data, no header or overview information is collected (that would require too much overhead.) The high article number is just taken, which enables larger sample sets and low impact connections. (Note that it is possible (and often very useful!) to compare content in a newsgroup, article for article. See What other services and reports are available?)

Servers which don't assign article numbers in order of lowest unused article number cannot be sampled reliably. These servers are very rare.

The reported numbers are simply the number of articles accepted.
For example:

                   -----Daily average arrivals for----
                    last     last     last       last
                   1 day    2 days   3 days     7 days
                   ------   ------   ------     ------
  45 groups in comp.*
       Expected:     3201     2942     3255       3546
         Actual:     3061     2951     3220       3538
        Percent:      96%     100%      99%       100%

This means the number of articles accepted for "Actual" in 45 newsgroups matching comp.* are:
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