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Upgrading to INN 2.x

INN 2.x uses a different configuration mechanism than INN 1.x. This makes config.data from previous versions obsolete. Most settings previously specified there must be specified in inn.conf.

The format of hosts.nntp has changed. See incoming.conf(5)

"Storage API"
INN 2.x has the capability of storing articles in either the "traditional" file-per-article, directory per newsgroup format, or through "Storage API" methods. You may not mix and match. Either you run storage API or you don't.

If you choose to stay with the INN "traditional" spool (one file per article, one directory per newsgroup), you do not make any changes to your spool. With the exceptions of incoming.conf and inn.conf, other configuration files (expire.ctl, newsfeeds, nnrp.access, etc) have not changed.

Spool Conversion to Storage API
If you switch to the storage API, there is no easy way to convert a large spool to the new format.
Although you can use makehistory(8) to convert an existing history file and spool, this will take many, many hours for a full spool.

If you have certain particular newsgroups you wish to transfer, you can create a history file which contains only those newsgroups, and run that subset of the history file through makehistory to migrate those articles. newsrequeue(8) is another possiblity

More Detailed Topics
A brief discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the storage API choice is found in
The INN 2.x Installation guide. INN 2.x INSTALL: Welcome to INN 2.0!

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