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- Log file setup, procedures

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Questions and Answers

Where do log files get written?

Have to -HUP syslogd after changes to syslog.conf

INN FAQ What's a decent syslog.conf configuration?

INN FAQ I don't want all those reject messages from rnews in syslog

INN FAQ How do I set up inpaths with INN?

Information and References

pathnews The home directory of the news user and usually the root of the news

pathlog Where the news log files are written

pathhttp Where any HTML files (such as periodic status reports) are placed

timer How frequently (in seconds) innd(8) should report performance timings

nntplinklog Whether to put the storage API token in the article log

nntpactsync How many articles to process on an incoming channel before logging

nnrpdoverstats Whether nnrpd overview statistics should be logged

logsitename Whether the names of the sites to which accepted articles will be sent should be logged

logipaddr Whether the verified name of the remote feeding host should be logged

logcancelcomm Set this to true to log `ctlinnd cancel' commands to syslog

logartsize Whether the size of accepted articles (in bytes) should be written to the log

newslog(5) description of log files

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