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- Service for clients reading messages

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Questions and Answers

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INN FAQ Posting while throttled doesn't work

INN FAQ Setting up proxy-nntp to talk through a firewall

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INN FAQ "client" doesn't have the software needed to post.

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Information and References

backofftrigger Trigger backoff algorithm

backoffpostslow Reset backoff algorithm

backoffpostfast Trigger increasing sleep time

backoffk The amount to multiply the previous sleep time by if the user is still posting too quickly

backoffdb directory for backoff data

strippostcc Whether to strip To:, Cc:, and Bcc: headers out of all local posts

spoolfirst If true, nnrpd(8) will spool new articles rather than attempting to send

organization What to put in the Organization: header if it is left blank by the poster

nnrpdposthost If set, nnrpd(8) and rnews(1) will pass all locally posted articles to the host

moderatormailer The address to which to send submissions for moderated groups

localmaxartsize The maximum article size (in bytes) for locally posted articles

fromhost Contains a domain used to construct e-mail addresses

complaints The value of the X-Complaints-To: header added to all local posts

checkincludedtext Whether to check local postings for the ratio of new to quoted text

keymaxwords Maximum number of keywords that will be generated for an article

keylimit Maximum number of bytes allocated for keyword data

keyartlimit Articles larger than this value in bytes will not have keywords generated

keywords Whether the keyword generation support should be enabled

readertrack Whether to enable the tracking system for client reading and posting

readerswhenstopped Whether to allow readers to connect even if the server is paused or throttled

clienttimeout How long (in seconds) a client connection can be idle before it exits

articlemmap Whether to attempt to mmap() articles

allownewnews Whether to allow use of the NEWNEWS command by clients

passwd.nntp(5) passwords for authorizing NNTP connections

nnrp.access(5) specify access of readers

motd.news(5) Text for response to LIST MOTD

distrib.pats(5) Default values for message Distribution header

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