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Article Arrival

- Incoming message processing

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Outgoing Articles - Outgoing message handling

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Control Messages - newgroup, rmgroup, and other control message processing

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Questions and Answers

Can I use CleanFeed with INN 2.x?

Verifycancels, refusecybercancels, maxartsize settings.

How do I stop "stealth" binaries: those posted to non-binaries newsgroups?

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INN FAQ How do I gate news to mail and/or mail to news?

INN FAQ How does the "ME" line interact with the other lines?

INN FAQ The ME line in the newsfeeds file.

INN FAQ Make sure that "feeders" can connect.

Information and References

storemsgid Should history store Message-ID

xrefslave Whether to act as the slave of another server

pathincoming Location where incoming batched news is stored

pathfilter The path to the Perl, Tcl, and Python filters

wanttrash Set this to true if you want to file articles posted to unknown newsgroups

verifycancels Set this to true to enable a simplistic check on all cancel messages

remembertrash Control recording of rejected articles in history

port What TCP port innd(8) should listen on

pathalias If set, this value is prepended to the Path: header of accepted posts

maxconnections The maximum number of incoming NNTP connections innd(8) will accept

maxartsize The maximum size of article (headers and body) that will be accepted

linecountfuzz Affect checking of "Lines" header.

hiscachesize Set size of hash of recently received message IDs

bindaddress Which IP address innd(8) should bind itself to

artcutoff Articles older than this number of days are dropped

INN 2.x INSTALL: 3. incoming.conf (REQUIRED)

newsfeeds(5) determine propagation of Usenet articles, and the ME entry.

incoming.conf(5) names and addresses that feed us news (replaces hosts.nntp from 1.X)

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