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INN daemon

- The main handler for articles and incoming connections

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Questions and Answers

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Information and References

Other documentation shipped with INN 2.x

Major design issues for production stability

INN 2.0 Patches

Other documentation shipped with INN 2.3

Compiling INN 2.x on Solaris

INN 2.x items still configured with config/config.data

decnetdomain Use this value as the domain to be used for clients connecting via DECNET.

pathtmp Where INN puts temporary files

pathrun The path to files required while the server is running and run-time state

pathetc The path to the news configuration files

pathbin The path to the news binaries

patharchive Where to store archived news

peertimeout How long (in seconds) an innd(8) incoming channel may be inactive

pauseretrytime Wait for this many seconds before noticing inactive channels

nicekids Set priority of child processes of innd(8)

maxforks How many times to attempt a fork(2) before giving up

icdsynccount How many article writes between updating the active and history files

chanretrytime How many seconds to wait before a channel restarts

chaninacttime The time (in seconds) to wait between noticing inactive channels

blockbackoff Set delays after EAGAIN or EWOULDBLOCK

badiocount How many read or write failures until a channel is put to sleep or closed

doinnwatch Whether to start innwatch(8) from rc

innwatch.ctl(5) control Usenet supervision by innwatch

inn.conf(5) configuration data


Show inn.conf settings and explanations

subst(1) substitute definitions into files

installit(1) file/directory installation tool

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