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Article Storage

- Message spool

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Questions and Answers

Does changing storage.conf make existing articles inaccessible?

Why use timehash? Can I have control over expiration by newsgroup?

How does expire interact with a CNFS cycbuff?

NFS mounted CNFS spools, alternatives to file and permission control.

Does changing storage.ctl make existing articles inaccessible?

Can I use raw partitions for a performance gain with CNFS?

CNFS: >2G? Resizing?. How do I "poke around" the CNFS system?

Must all cycbuffs in a METACYCBUFF be the same size?

Do I need unified overview?

What's the difference between overview and unified overview (uniover)

Expire can't reserve server

On a newly installed system, I get "Can't initialize storage manager"

How do I migrate a traditional spool to storage API?

(Storage API) Why was unified overview done?

(Storage API) Can overview be omitted for transport-only servers?

(Storage API) How is space added to a CNFS buffer?

(Storage API) Some unified overview data does not expire.

INN FAQ Sun Online Disk Suite for news spool?

INN FAQ Archiving expired articles

INN FAQ Add local newsgroups?

INN FAQ What do I do if /var/spool/news is split over multiple partitions?

INN FAQ How does /remember/ in expire.ctl work?

INN FAQ Listing every article

INN FAQ Why is /usr/lib/news/newsgroups not found?

INN FAQ How do I create all those directories in the newsspool?

INN FAQ Other cron jobs.

INN FAQ How does the "ME" line interact with the other lines?

INN FAQ The ME line in the newsfeeds file.

INN FAQ Make sure that "feeders" can connect.

Information and References

(Storage API) Overview of major parts

writelinks control what is written to history file for crossposts

storageapi determine how articles are stored

pathspool The root of the news spool hierarchy

patharticles The path to where the news articles are stored (for some storage methods. not CNFS)

xrefslave Whether to act as the slave of another server

wireformat Only used with the tradspool storage method, this says whether to write CRLF or LF in messages

INN 2.x INSTALL: Creating the article spool (CNFS only)

INN 2.x INSTALL: Choosing an Article Storage Format

INN 2.x INSTALL: 5. storage.ctl (required if using CNFS)

INN 2.x INSTALL: 4. cycbuff.conf (required if using CNFS)

storage.ctl(5) configuration file for storage manager

overview.ctl(5) configuration file for unified overview

expire.ctl(5) control file for Usenet article expiration

cycbuff.conf(5) configuration file for CNFS method

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