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Newsrate Report Format: What does "n/a" mean?

>                    -------------arrivals in-----------
>                     last     last     last       last
>                    1 day    2 days   3 days     7 days
>                    ------   ------   ------     ------
>  196 groups (all groups sampled.)
>        Expected:    33538    35087    36056      31338
>          Actual:    22762    n/a      23733        n/a
>         Percent:      68%    n/a        66%        n/a
> What does n/a mean?

"n/a" means "data not available." Either samples were just started (and there is no sample data) or your server was not available when that sample was taken.

Reports are usually cancelled if there is no sample data available in the latest sample period. A short message will be sent noting that the report was cancelled.

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