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What is considered "excellent" or "good" or "poor" performance?

>It would be interesting to have a rating, where you are rated
>amongst others with your same connectivity.  Most of the Freenix top100
>are T3's/10MBps people.  Then you have your multihomed 3-6Mbps people,
>then your t1's etc.  I bet we would do very well compared with other T1
>But maybe that's asking for something unrealistic.  I mean you could split 
>hairs and be rated against "others running dual pentiums, on linux, with inn".  

newsrAte measures what you should be receiving. If you carry a sample newsgroup you should have the content that other servers have. That is what newsrAte measures. This isn't Freenix, where you have to have a better machine, better connectivity, better software to move up in ranking. With newsrAte, you just need an "adequate" setup, not "killer" setup. Big difference.

Based on sampling other machines, my opinion (which may be different than your customer's or your boss's opinions which probably matter more) breaks down as follows:

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