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Can you expound a little on how the GPA is derived?

>[Letter grades for groups sampled]
>For 1 day time periods ending close to 1998/04/01 12:39 GMT
>    6 newsgroups Insufficient data for grading.
>       (Less than 5 articles expected.)
>  187 newsgroups "A"  (At least 93% of expected)
>    11 newsgroups "B"  (85-92% of expected)
>     0 newsgroups "C"  (78-84% of expected)
>     0 newsgroups "D"  (70-77% of expected)
>     0 newsgroups "F"  (Worse than 70% of expected)
>  GPA:  3.94

The GPA is a single number rating of the server. It is calculated based on the "A", "B", "C", "D", "F" letter grades as you would expect to see in an academic environment: The "GPA" is the weighted average of A,B,C,D, F letter grades.
Divide by total number of newsgroups graded. (Don't include newsgroups tagged as "insufficient data for grading")

Although having a single number to rank a server is convenient, it does not tell the whole story, just as someone who got an "A"s in "basket-weaving" and "volleyball" might have failed the subjects that are more important. (No offense intended to you volleyball-playing basket-weavers. More power to you.)

The calculation of the performance as a GPA does have some nice characteristics though:
But don't base all your decisions on the GPA. (I know, some people will ignore this advice anyway.) Here is what I say to them.

When you want details, move from the GPA to the [Newsgroup Heirarchy Reports] This section can show interesting differences in performance. It may show that you did very well on comp.*, but poorly elsewhere. Note that these are totalled values, so one newsgroup can drag the performance of others up or down.

And finally, the [Individual Newsgroup Reports] section is an interesting scan from time to time when you are trying to find out why something is good or bad, or to check on your favorite newsgroup, like "news.software.nntp."

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