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What if the server is unavailable at the sample time?

Samples are run automatically once per day, currently at approximately 12:45 GMT. If your machine is not available or denies access when sampled, retries will be made every 60 seconds for up to an hour. Delays in connecting mean that the sample data will be based on a time period not exactly 24 hours. Since the "expected" data will be based on a 24 hour number, this can result in as much as a 1 hour out of 24 difference (4.1%) in the "1 day" numbers. The next day numbers will be a bit lower than expected.

(You can determine the approximate error from the [Sample Times] section of the report, which lists the time the server was contacted. It will show something that is not exactly 1.00 days in the event of delayed connection samples.)

If a connection is not successful within an hour, the sample is cancelled, and a report to that
effect is sent. On subsequent days after a cancelled report, columns in the report will show "n/a" to indicate sample data was not available.

There is no refund or newsrAte contract extension if the connection problem was due to your systems, the software you run, or your configuration. The service guarantees to provide at least 20 sample reports per calendar month.

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