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Why sample these 200 newsgroups, and not some other set?

The primary criteria for selecting a newsgroup for the sample set is that it has "homogeneous article propagation" on average. This means that most of the posts in the newsgroup are propagated the same as most other posts in the newsgroup.

It is not necessary for the newsgroup itself to be propagated the same as other newsgroups. (In fact, one server may not even carry the newsgroup.) But if the newsgroup is carried, there must not be something about the posts which cause individual articles to be treated differently.

To better understand this description, selection criteria and the desired aspects are discussed below.

Selection Criteria
There are a few newsgroups in the sample which don't fit these criteria, but there is usually a good reason to compare and report them. "news.announce.newgroups" has sporadic traffic, but it is important for admins to track what they are missing. "misc.lists.filters" isn't usually read by too many people but the robot cancellers. But it is a great test of a high traffic newsgroup which doesn't get much spam.

The sample set will change from time to time to meet these and other goals.

More Detailed Topics
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