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Can an estimate be made for newsgroups not sampled?

Estimating the performance of newsgroups not sampled can be accurate as as long as the newsgroup is "similar" to ones in the sample set.

If the newgroup you are interested in is in the sample set, then you can just read the performance right from the [Individual Newsgroup Report] section.

To estimate performance in other newsgroups, then look at the performance by heirarchy section. For example, most comp.* newsgroups are propagated the same way, so will have similar performance.

As a very last resort, look at the overall GPA or server number to estimate the performance. This is the least accurate method, since the GPA may be based on getting "A"'s in all the newsgroups you don't care about, and an "F" in the ones you do. If you care about the newsgroup comp.os.msdos.programmer, getting an "A" in alt.music.billy-joel may not mean much to you.

If the newsgroup you want to estimate is a heavy spammed newsgroup, or has lots of large binaries, then it is not "similar" to ones in the sample newsgroup. Estimates will be inaccurate. The topic My server has 30,000 newsgroups. You only report 200. discusses the characterstics in detail.

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