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INN 2.x Man Pages by Topic: Article Storage/Overview/Expire

archive(8) Usenet article archiver
expire(8) remove old articles (from history and spool)
expireover(8) remove old (also create/update) entries in news overview
expirerm(8) remove a list of files (articles)
fastrm(8) remove a list of files (articles)
getlist(1) get various lists from NNTP server
inndf(8) (new in INN 2.2) replacement for 'df | awk' in innwatch.ctl
cnfsstat(8) (new in INN 2.2) report snapshot of CNFS

expire.ctl(5) control file for Usenet article expiration
history(5) record of current and recently expired usenet articles
grephistory(1) search history database for msg-ID, map Msg-ID to various fields.

overview.fmt(5) format of news overview databases
convdate(1) convert dates to/from time_t and canonical forms

cycbuff.conf(5) (new) configuration file for CNFS method
overview.ctl(5) (new) configuration file for unified overview
libstorage(3) (new) InterNetNews Storage API library routines
expireindex(8) (new) Expire entries from the news overview index
sm(8) (new) command line interface to the storage manager
storage.conf(5) (new in INN 2.2) configuration file for storage manager
storage.ctl(5) (new) configuration file for storage manager

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