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INN FAQ Part 6

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Subject: (6.11) What does the output of "expire -v1'' mean?

(Based on a submission from Chris Johnson <cj@sra.com>)

Running expire with -v1 option produces output like:

        Removed approximately    764913k
        Article lines processed  1044872
        Articles retained         872883
        Entries expired           171989
        Files unlinked            239657
        Old entries dropped            0
        Old entries retained      103038

"Article lines processed": the number of lines in the the history file
that were read by the expire program (it reads through the entire
history file when it runs)

"Articles retained": the lines left in the history file after some of the
lines (entries) are dropped.

"Entries expired": the number of entries/articles listed in the history
file that were deemed old enough to be deleted; this equals
"Article lines processed" - "Articles retained"

"Files unlinked": the number of files deleted from the file system where
1 file equals 1 article; however, this number can be much higher than
"Entries expired" because a single entry can be posted to multiple groups
and you get 1 file for each group it is posted to

"Old entries dropped": lines deleted from the history file that are only
present because of the value of /remember/ in expire.ctl

"Old entries retained": lines left in the history file for articles that
have already expired

(Note that running expire with -t option articles are not deleted from
filesystem and the output changes slightly to: Would remove
approximately 103623k). Running expire with -z option also does not
remove files, but writes a list of files to be removed (see entries
about "delayrm" and "fastrm" in this FAQ) See also the manpage for
expire ...


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