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INN FAQ Part 6

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Subject: (6.18) Archiving expired articles

In <2hmomh$262@news.iastate.edu> rod@iastate.edu writes:
>What options do I have in INN for archiving local newsgroups?
>Any help would be appreciated. Any cookbook examples would also help.

See doc/archive.8. You could also put "never:never:never" in your
expire.ctl file.

Here's a cookbook example of an archive feed:
	# Feed all moderated source postings to an archiver
		:Tc,Nm,Wn:/usr/local/bin/archive -f -i /usr/spool/news.archive/INDEX

Ulf Kieber <uk1@irz.inf.tu-dresden.de> writes:
The INN 1.4 newsfeeds(5) man page show how to set up a /program/ feed
for archive. The "archive" program currently does NOT support this
method. i.e. do not use Tp in "newsfeeds" for an archive feed.

Even if "archive" supported being used as a program feed, you would not
want to use it as such if you intended to use the ``-i'' flag as
archive does not do any file locking on it's index file. The index
file might get corrupted by multiple concurrently running instances of
archive, as may happen with a program feed.


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