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Subject: (1.8) INN must be really complicated since this FAQ is so long!

No, it's just that the FAQ is very complete.

A lot of the material could be integrated into the Install.ms doc.

Please post questions to news.software.nntp. Do not send
email to Heiko W.Rupp directly. By posting your question,
a group of 10 or so people will be trying to help you.
On the other hand -- if you have a solution that should be included,
then send it to the maintainer, so that he can't miss it in the news.
See also INN FAQ #1.20 and INN FAQ #9.1.


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Heiko is not the current maintainer. See INN FAQ How do I submit additional information for the FAQ?INN FAQ How do I submit additional information for the FAQ?
for a pointer to the current maintainers.

If you can't find your answer in the FAQ or the Usenet RKT, try searching DejaNews.
If that doesn't work, then by all means, ask in news.software.nntp.

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