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Request for Comments: 1036



M. Horton, AT&T Bell Laboratories

R. Adams, Center for Seismic Studies

December 1987

Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages

1. Introduction

This document defines the standard format for the interchange of network News messages among USENET hosts. It describes the format for messages themselves and gives partial standards for transmission of news. The news transmission is not entirely in order to give a good deal of flexibility to the hosts to choose transmission hardware and software, to batch news, and so on.

There are five sections to this document. Section two defines the format. Section three defines the valid control messages. Section four specifies some valid transmission methods. Section five describes the overall news propagation algorithm.

RFC1036 2. Message Format
RFC1036 2.1. Required Header lines

RFC1036 2.2. Optional Headers

RFC1036 3. Control Messages

RFC1036 4. Transmission Methods

RFC1036 5. The News Propagation Algorithm

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