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RFC1036 2.2.13. Xref

This line contains the name of the host (with domains omitted) and a white space separated list of colon-separated pairs of newsgroup names and message numbers. These are the newsgroups listed in the Newsgroups line and the corresponding message numbers from the spool directory.

This is only of value to the local system, so it should not be transmitted. For example, in:

Path: seismo!lll-crg!lll-lcc!pyramid!decwrl!reid

From: reid@decwrl.DEC.COM (Brian Reid)

Newsgroups: news.lists,news.groups


Message-ID: <5658@decwrl.DEC.COM>

Date: 1 Oct 86 11:26:15 GMT

Organization: DEC Western Research Laboratory

Lines: 441

Approved: reid@decwrl.UUCP

Xref: seismo news.lists:461 news.groups:6378

the Xref line shows that the message is message number 461 in the newsgroup news.lists, and message number 6378 in the newsgroup news.groups, on host seismo. This information may be used by certain user interfaces.

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Newsreader software should never generate an XREF header.

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