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RFC1036 2.2. Optional Headers

RFC1036 2.2.1. Reply-To
RFC1036 2.2.2. Sender
RFC1036 2.2.3. Followup-To
RFC1036 2.2.4. Expires
RFC1036 2.2.5. References
RFC1036 2.2.6. Control
RFC1036 2.2.7. Distribution
RFC1036 2.2.8. Organization
RFC1036 2.2.9. Keywords
RFC1036 2.2.10. Summary
RFC1036 2.2.11. Approved
RFC1036 2.2.12. Lines
RFC1036 2.2.13. Xref
RFC1036: [Source:"RFC-1036"] [Last Changed:December 1987] [Copyright: 1987 M. Horton, R. Adams]
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Additional headers in common use are discussed in NNTP-Ext 3.4 Additional Headers

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