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RFC1036 3.5. Sendsys

sendsys (no arguments)

The sys file, listing all neighbors and the newsgroups to be sent to each neighbor, will be mailed to the author of the control message (Reply-To, if present, otherwise From). This information is considered public information, and it is a requirement of membership in USENET that this information be provided on request, either automatically in response to this control message, or manually, by mailing the requested information to the author of the message. This information is used to keep the map of USENET up to date, and to determine where netnews is sent.

The format of the file mailed back to the author should be the same as that of the sys file. This format has one line per neighboring host (plus one line for the local host), containing four colon separated fields. The first field has the host name of the neighbor, the second field has a newsgroup pattern describing the newsgroups sent to the neighbor. The third and fourth fields are not defined by this standard. The sys file is not the same as the UUCP L.sys file. A sample response is:

From: cbosgd!mark (Mark Horton)

Date: Sun, 27 Mar 83 20:39:37 -0500

Subject: response to your sendsys request

To: mark@cbosgd.ATT.COM

Responding-System: cbosgd.ATT.COM











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