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INN FAQ Part 6

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Subject: (6.22) How do I set up inpaths with INN?

inpaths should work just fine with INN as it ships. However, you can
make it run faster by using the following shell script. Edit it to
your tastes. It replaces the long "(cd /var/spool/news ;
/usr/local/bin/gfind . -type f -print | /usr/lib/news/local/inpaths sdl
| /usr/ucb/mail admin,pathsurvey@pathsurvey.eu.org)" which people usually

. /usr/lib/news/innshellvars
cd ${SPOOL}
awk '(NF > 2){print $3}' < ${HISTORY} | tr . / | sort | \
inpaths `innconfval pathhost` | \
${MAILCMD} newsmaster,pathsurvey@pathsurvey.eu.org

If the inpaths people would include this information in the
README, I could delete it from this FAQ.


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