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INN FAQ Part 6

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Subject: (6.17) Add local newsgroups?

Q: Does anyone have a cookbook example on how to create a local news group?

These are the steps ..

1) Make sure your innd is running
2) Add the group with: ctlinnd newgroup local.group
3) Add entries to newsfeeds to restrict the local groups to your

4) Add a descriptive entry to newsgroups
5) Ready :)

Please consider, that local is a very common name for local groups, so
if a user crossposts to local.test and misc.test the article will show
up in all local.test over the world. So please choose a 'better' name.


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Most sites choose a top level newsgroup name based on their organization name or company name. Creating a local test group is highly recommended.

ctlinnd will tell you if you innd is not running or throttled.

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