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LIDESC: Librock License Awareness System

Supporting software development with a multitude of licensed components

LIDESC automates the awareness and identification of the licenses and redistribution requirements of software you write or acquire. It is an awareness tool for preventing unintended violations of license terms. LIDESC is designed to report license terms and conflicts; it is not a "lock" or copy-prevention tool.

Software developers and publishers need tools that accomodate components, libraries, and programs from any number of different suppliers under Free and proprietary licenses. LIDESC does this, and is Free Software with an open, extendable architecture. (LIDESC is meant to be useful with any software, not just software we supply.)


How LIDESC identifies licensing of a file - LIDESC positively identifies license text without including the entire license text within a file. The system supports awareness of proprietary licenses as well as Free[1] and Open Source[2] licenses. It is easy to use LIDESC to tag software you write or acquire.

How LIDESC detects and reports licensing conflicts - A formal way of specifying the requirements imposed by a license allows compatibility checking as well as license comparison and selection based on symbolic descriptions of license clauses.

Extending LIDESC - LIDESC can be extended to be used with any license covering any file. You can incorporate certified license descriptions, and define locally approved licenses and conflicts.

Summary of features in the command-line version - Batch processing. Local description files. Extensions. Online User manual

Summary of features in the web-based version - The set of features provided over the web, with unrestricted public access. No download or installation required!

LIDESC downloads and services

Downloads and Services - Free software available at no cost. Services to aid enterprise adoption, new description files, more.


LIDESC User Documentation - for the command line utility.

[1]The Free Software Definition.
[2]The Open Source Initiative.

Librock LIDESC. Software License Analyzer and Compatibility Reporter
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